Sunday, January 9, 2011

I still think it's 2009

I guess 2009 was a good year, because I am still putting it as the date on stuff. Surely there are other people out there stuck in another year...

Maybe not. I mean, I am now 2 years behind.

I turned 25 last week. It was a great birthday, but I am not supposed to be 25. I am supposed to be 22- 23 at most. I'm not sure why, I just am. 25 sounds responsible. Like I should have a job and be a contributing member of society instead of the dependent medical student I am.

For my birthday I got a great Timbuk2 bag from Daniel- just what I wanted/needed for school! I got some other awesome stuff, too (from K&M, Mom/Dad, Inlaws...)- I have birthday pics somewhere...

^ I fit my notebook, notes, computer, charger, lunch bag, phone, wallet, make up case, umbrella, and about 25 misc things in this and STILL had room for more. A.Maz.Ing. Good job, Daniel!

I had a big running week. I finally hit the 20-total mile mark for the week! My new running tights came in, and the are AWESOME! I haven't had side/shin pain, and during my runs my knees feel a lot more stable.

I also found that after about 4 miles I get really thirsty... weird phenomenon, huh? Mom and Dad got this for me for Christmas, and it has been working GREAT! The pocket is just big enough for my iphone, house key, chap stick, and an energy gel/bar (just started using those this week). It is supposed sit on your back, but that really threw my center of gravity off so I wear it like a fanny pack (DORK ALERT!)

Runs for this week:
Jan 2: 3.00 in 38
Jan 4: 2.5 in 30
Jan 5: 4 in 47
Jan 6: 3.5 in 42
Jan 8: 7 miles in 1:29!

^ That was yesterday. Today, my knees hurt SO badly. I am relying on anti-inflammatory meds, and they are just barely taking the edge off. I think a trip to the clinic might be in order...

Kacie thinks I can attribute my mental confusion regarding the 2009 thing to running, which she claims is killing my neurons. Possible?

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  1. ^ I forgot I said that, but it really sounds intelligent.